Winter Update, 2017

Right now I’m teaching Sociology 101, an intermediate-level seminar on Sociology of Sex and Gender (or as I say, GSS: Gender, Sex, and Sexuality, but the acronym’s a gloss on the other GSS for a hilarious sociology in-joke), and an advanced Queer Sociology seminar. Very proud of my students, who are interrogating some very difficult material.

Later this month I’ll present research at the Sociologists for Women in Society Conference and the Eastern Sociological Society. My independent study student Gwen Kelly will present a poster based on her work at ESS, too. Look for her if you’re there.

I’m co-leading a zine workshop at SWS with Jax Gonzalez (University of Colorado-Boulder), and leading a digital pedagogy workshop at Swarthmore focused on Twitter in March.

Since my work is engaged and interdisciplinary, this is just the type of semester that I like to have: teaching students to use their sociological imaginations, conducting and sharing research about digital identities and organizational change, and collaborating with colleagues on issues of pedagogy and practice.

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