Month: December 2018

2018 in Review

This is just a quick post looking back at 2018, and ahead to 2019.

I’ve spent the past year as Graduate Faculty in the Socially Engaged Art program at Moore College of Art & Design, and as an inaugural Fellow at the Soapbox Community Print Shop and Zine library, both in Philadelphia. I’ve continued to publish peer-reviewed and public scholarship as well as to work on a variety of art projects. My colleague V. Varun Chaudhry and I recently published some of our research on what happens when historically women’s organizations transition to include trans and nonbinary identities¬†, and my colleague Kim Tauches and I published a chapter on representations of gender and sexuality on Orange is the New Black, among other things:

I’m pleased to be doing more collaborative work alongside my own ethnographic research and writing. I think that collaborative work, as well as creative work, is something that adds to public and scholarly writing, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas into the mix.

2019 will see more of the same as well as new ventures, including a series of public workshops on the criminalization of survivors of domestic violence¬†based on a pilot project from 2018. I have several research projects in the works, and will continue to write and teach and consult. If you’re interested in booking zine workshops, guest lectures, public panels, digital pedagogy workshops, or having tough conversations facilitated, contact me at