2019 and beyond

These days I’m an art professor and getting back into the zine life: I’m helping to organize the Philly Zine Fest (November 16-17 at the Rotunda) and teaching a lot of different zine workshops at public libraries, Cherry Street Pier, college classrooms, professional associations, and more. Contact me for more information: cchernoffphd@gmail.com. I always love to talk about #EverydayLearning through #EverydayCulture.

And speaking of, my co-edited book (with Janise Hurtig) is forthcoming from Lexington Press. Contested Spaces of Adult Education looks at how adults teach and learn in a variety of ways, mostly informal/implicit, in settings beyond the traditional classroom.

I continue to organize Arts of Resistance, an ongoing popular education workshop focused on the use of print media to respond to the criminalization of survivors of domestic violence. TL; DR? Too much jargon? It’s a workshop where we learn from each other and other experts how systems of violence are interrelated, how marginalized people are disproportionately punished for defending themselves/ourselves, and how people have used print media to fight for a better future for all of us.

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