Workshops and Trainings

I am available for public speaking, trainings, and workshops. My approach is basically like playing cards: all about the ACES (Arts, Culture, Engagement, and Scholarship).  Contact me for more details.

My most recent workshop is for educators: Tweet Your Pedagogy (click for more details). This is a 2-hour workshop looking at Twitter as a tool for student engagement. I am available for scheduling; contact me with questions or ideas.

Here’s some feedback from a Swarthmore College colleague:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.33.09 PM

I have led workshops and trainings at Franklin & Marshall College on feminist leadership as well as ‘zine-making. I have also led community-based workshops and leadership training using everyday tools of art and culture, from ‘zines to Radical Cheerleading (click here for explanatory work by Jeanne Vaccaro) to puppets, pageants, parades, and other use of symbols.

I have also worked as an educational and evaluation consultant, led workshops on teen dating violence as part of Illinois state training for domestic violence workers (focus: how to support teens in abusive relationships, and how to train peers to intervene in safe and supportive ways), and taught Teaching 101 workshops to artists and other educators beyond the classroom.

To arrange a specific workshop or training, or to inquire about something tailor-made to your or your organization’s needs, please contact me at or reach out on Twitter: @CarolynChernoff.

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